Nike CEO Head

  • Model: HD-CEOX
  • Manufactured by: Nike
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Custom Strung Pocket or Select UNSTRUNG for head only

Starting at: CA$119.99

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Product Detail

Nike CEO

  • The Nike CEO head is one of the most popular releases from Nike for several good reasons.
  • First of all, it weighs in at a very competitive 4.9 ounces. The design of the head is responsible for this.
  • It has a pinched scoop that is great for groundballs but also improves accuracy when throwing.
  • The narrow throat of the Nike CEO head has made it a favorite for many face-off players. 
  • It is also popular among FOGO’s because it flexes well and remains in its intended shape. 
  • Regardless of position, this head will perform. It is lightweight, narrow, can be strung any pocket style, and looks great in all available colors.
  • The CEO is one of several products from Nike that has earned them respect amongst elite players.


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